Cape Malay Cooking

Photo credit: Chris Gladis
Photo credit: Chris Gladis

A Cape Malay Cooking Safari: A little history and a scene-setting food shopping tour, then comes the food and a cooking class.

Cape Malay Cookbooks and a recipe:

The Cape Malay Illustrated Cookbook, by Fadela Williams

More Cape Malay Cookingby Faldela Williams

South African Cape Malay Cooking, by Sonia Allison and Myrna Robins

Traditional Cape Malay Cooking, by Zainab Lagardien

Beef Curry: According to the author of this recipe,

Beginning in the 17th century, slaves from Indonesia and India were brought to work the farms of Cape Town, South Africa. They came to be known as Cape Malays, and as a result of their influence, curry dishes are widespread in South Africa. Cape Malay curry is known for combining sweet and savory flavors–using sweet spices like cinnamon and ginger, dried fruit (especially dried apricots), and savory seasonings like garlic and onions. Though usually served with rice, this beef stew is also great over mashed potatoes or egg noodles.