Idylls of Cuisine #1*

Tim Bayman
Photo credit: Tim Bayman

[*A picture is worth a thousand words. Hence the beginning of a new weekly Gherkins & Tomatoes feature,  a photograph and nothing else, for silent contemplation. ]


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  1. Karen says:

    By George, I think you’ve got it, Cindy!

    And here I was mulling over old MFKF in my mind . . .!

    Ha, ha!

    Shirley Valentine of all things. :)


  2. cbertel says:

    Was it “Shirley Valentine?” The movie version?


  3. foodvox says:

    I once read a short story, a long time ago (don’t remember the title) where a woman went to live on a Greek island, and each day she would have a small private table set out by the sea to dine, just for herself, all alone.

    The sense of luxury in that scene was so deep.


  4. cbertel says:

    There would be if I could find that table!


  5. foodvox says:

    I hope there’s a placecard with my name on it at that table, for sure. :)


  6. sharon says:



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