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fab-blog-aawrdThe other day, a fellow food blogger awarded the Fabulous Food Blog Award to Gherkins & Tomatoes.  See the post HERE.

Now that the torch has been passed, I must swing the award to five other food bloggers and list my five most serious food-related addictions.

forrest-gump-posterThere are ever so many food blogs out there and, to paraphrase Forrest Gump, the roster of food blogs is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to find.

I picked the following blogs because they always leave me a little more knowledgeable than I was when I started reading them. [Several other blogs that I could have named have already won the “Your Blog is Fabulous Award.”]

Five Fabulous Food Blogs:

1) Over a Tuscan Stove: Blogger Judy Witts shares the wealth of her experience of living in Italy and writes engagingly of her surroundings. She also teaches Italian cooking classes, according to her Web site, Divina Cucina.

2) Historic Food: One of the most fantastic food history sites on the Web. Maybe not really a blog per se, but so fabulous it shouldn’t be missed by anyone with a love of culinary history.

3) Ye Olde Bread Blogge: Incredible bread-baking blog written by a German mathematician.

4) Months of Edible Celebrations:  A blog discussing historically significant foods associated with various world holidays.

5) 18th-C. Cuisine: A blog highlighting dishes eaten in 18th-century Nouvelle France (French Canada) before the English took over due to the French & Indian Wars.

Five Serious Food-Related Addictions:

1) Italian Cooking: My cuisine of choice most days, both to eat and to cook. It doesn’t hurt that the Mediterranean Diet renders extreme health benefits. I own hundreds of Italian cookbooks. (See #2 below.)

2) Cookbooks: Like an invasion of the Slime People, my cookbook collection took over my house several years ago and only now shows signs of slowing down. Most of the titles pertain to Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Robyn Lee
Photo credit: Robyn Lee

3) Chocolate: What is there to say? A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the Chocolate Mousse Cake over there!

4) Well-Stocked Pantries: Nothing like it for indulging in all sorts of spontaneous culinary “travels.”

5) Fancy Restaurants: Seeing (and eating) the incredible skill and talent of the chefs behind the mysterious doors in places like The Inn at Little Washington reminds me of the true nature of cooking— it’s an art.

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4 thoughts on “Fabulous Food Blogs

  1. H Cynthia,
    I wanted to take a moment to let you know I have reciprocated on the “fabulous” award you so graciously bestowed. Difficult choices but actually a perfect opportunity to convey my gratitude. Thank you again.

    Now, I’m off to read more about Carnevale. I will definitely be saving that link.

    Thank you again, Louise

  2. Thanks so much for the list of new and wonderful blogs to peruse. I see I’ll have to make even more time in my day for blog reading!

  3. Oh Cynthia, thank you so very much for this wonderful award. I am truly humbled and flattered. I so enjoy your blog and share your addictions. I don’t usually accept awards gracefully:) I will pass the “torch” tomorrow.

    Thank you ever so much, Louise

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