BREAKING: Vilsack is the New Agriculture Secretary

Not a real victory for the petition signers and Michael Pollan advocates …

tom-vilsackTom Vilsack, former Iowa governor.

In the words of Jill Richardson:

“After his own presidential campaign floundered, Vilsack backed Hillary Clinton in the primary, but has recently been campaigning for Obama. One of Obama’s top campaign strategists, David Axelrod, also ran Vilsack’s 1998 gubernatorial campaign. Vilsack, however, also was heavily involved in education issues in Iowa and could also fit in the role of education secretary as well.

Vilsack is VERY friendly with the biotech industry, who I see as one of the biggest dangers to a future of sustainable agriculture and food in this country. Unlike most of our technologies, which have an ability to screw up our food and our environment for a limited period of time, biotech has the ability to screw us up forever. Furthermore, while it’s more or less understood why pesticides and oil are dangerous (even though some still think they are necessary evils), biotech is presenting itself as the solution and many, including Vilsack, are falling for it.”

And here’s more detailed information about this former Iowa governor.