Obama, the Cookbook

President Brack Obama Eating Waffles
President Barack Obama Eating Waffles

I knew it would happen. An Obama cookbook, or rather, an Obama Foodie book. After all, a guy’s got to eat, right? Even if he is the President of the United States.

Steven Black is writing a book about Obama food. Who is Steven Black? Let him tell his own story:

Stephen Black has worked in communications all over the world, having worked for CNN, Fuji TV, Cartoon Network, France 2 and Fox. He has worked with noted people from many genres, including Annie Liebowitz, Japanese dance legend Kazuo Ono, Cannes award winning director Toshio Uruta, and Singaporean poet Cyril Wong. He has collaborated on prizewinning projects with talented people in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chicago and New York. His photographic work will be featured in Kazuko Masui’s upcoming book on three star chef Yannick Alleno, published by Glenat. Math Book Press (Singapore) will soon release his collection of short stories called Furikake. In April of 2008 his photographic book called Bus Stopping was published.

Black’s book, with no date yet given for publication (although it’s possible to sign up for alert e-mail announcements on that topic), promises a unique perspective on the new U.S. president. A tentative Table of Contents appears to be as follows:

–        Original essays using foods and meals eaten by
Barack Obama as a starting point.

–        Original interviews and research

–        Original photography of Obama’s childhood homes in     Jakarta

–        Original photography of places in Chicago where he lived,  worked and ate

–        A travel essay on the food and culture of the city of Obama,  Japan

–        Timeline of Barack Obama’s life and times including social movements,
technological changes and popular culture

–        Contributions from graphic novelist Jerry Hinds

–        Over 50 recipes for American, Hawaiian, Italian and Indonesian food dishes

–        Original photography, research and writing are ongoing

–        Plus more

President Obama Eating Pizza
President Obama Eating Pizza

Sounds interesting.

I just want to be sure to see President Obama’s favorite birthday cake recipe.

For details, go to Obama Jalan Jalan (an Indonesian phrase meaning “strolling” or “walking”).

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