Barack Obama Takes the Cake, 1240 Cupcakes, That Is

Maybe a little late in the game, but I just learned of this amazing political food art — this is a form of history along the lines of ice carvings and other such things: President-elect Barack Obama in cupcakes.

Zilly Rosen of Zillycakes in Buffalo, New York created this stunning mosaic of Obama to celebrate his winning the presidency on November 4, 2008:

1240 cupcakes!!!

Now isn’t that something? This mosaic joins the ranks of all the other Obama cookies and cupcakes out there, but certainly takes the cake for being one of the most ingenious uses of the baker’s art that I’ve seen in a long time.

The Artistic Process Takes Many Forms (Used with permission.)

Thank to Zilly Rosen, we’ve seen it all! Or almost …

Zilly Rosen, Baker and Mosaic Artist (Used with permission.)
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