Obama Cookie
Obama Cookie

Now I’ve heard everything — cookies as campaign material! (Caveat: I tried to find a McCain cookie on the site and didn’t find one. If you do, please let me know —  I used the SEARCH just as I did for the Obama cookies, but nothing came up. In the original material I saw about the cookies, it said that they sold both kinds.)

In keeping with “Gherkins & Tomatoes’ ” focus on presidential food during the last week of the 2008 presidential campaign, here’s an interesting tidbit:

“Wonderland Bakery, in Newport Beach, Calif., is an enchanting bakery that specializes in cupcakes, cookies, cakes, artistic desserts and whimsical gifts. In only three years, it has become Orange County’s ‘premier bakery for edible art’ and destination of choice for a growing list of celebrities and locals. Named the official ‘Sweet Ambassador’ of Newport Beach, Wonderland Bakery creates custom-baked goodies for any social celebration or business occasion, including logo cookies and tins for personalized corporate gifts. Wonderland Bakery offers local delivery and nationwide shipping as well as a gift concierge service, special event planning, a corporate giving program.”

Check out Wonderland and remember, I’m just telling you about a newsworthy phenomenon — I have no ties to this bakery. Their Web site reminds me of Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland …

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