FOOD IN ART: Exploding Strawberries and Bursting Eggs

The Amazing Exoloding Strawberry! (Used with permission.)
The Amazing Exploding Strawberry! (Used with permission.)

A whole new way of looking at food!

Check out WebUrbanist and the article on high-speed photography. Many of the “subjects” are common, everyday foods that we eat without thinking of how they break down under the pressure of our jaws and knives.

Amazing stuff …

(Caveat: I am not crazy about the use of guns nor the destroying of food when so many people go hungry. I include this here strictly because of the question of food in art. A more sedate and traditional approach is Silvia Malaguzzi’s book, Food and Feasting in Art, published by the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California in 2006.)

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