Cherries (Used with permission.)
Cherries (Used with permission.)

In less than a month, some lucky cookbook authors will win the year’s Gourmand World Cookbook Awards at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 13-15, 2008.

Edouard Cointreau founded the World Cookbook Awards in 1995, which were renamed Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in 2001. Mr. Cointreau’s lineage is almost as illustrious as that of his liqueurs, Cointreau and Rémy-Martin. Appropriately, he counts the writer Rabelais as an ancestor. Imagine owning vineyards dating back to at least 1270.

Why these awards? The following points explain it all, especially the last one, and come from the official Web site publicizing the awards:

  • “To reward and honour those who “cook with words”.
  • Help readers find the best out of the 26.000 food and wine books produced every year.
  • To help publishers with international rights to translate and distribute food and wine books.
  • To help bookstores find the best books to display.
  • To create an opportunity to access the major markets in English, German, Spanish or French for books originated in other languages.
  • To increase knowledge of, and respect for, food and wine culture, which promotes peace.

In today’s world, we cannot stress this last point enough. When people eat together, no matter how meager or opulent the meal, bonds form and the process of humanization and community building begins. “The Other” fades away and strangers become friends.

Thank you, Mr. Cointreau, for emphasizing this profound truth.

Camembert (Used with permission.)
Camembert (Used with permission.)

(Read the list of 2007 award winners here and Hall of Famers here.)

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