African Cooking and Food Bibliography

Gilson Oliveira and Rafaela Printes)

Cooking in Africa (Photo credit: Gilson Oliveira and Rafaela Printes)

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Wilson, Ellen Gibson. A West African Cookbook. New York: M. Evans and Company, Inc., 1971.

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5 thoughts on “African Cooking and Food Bibliography

  1. Other titles for Africa Bibliography

    PRACTICAL WEST AFRICA COOKERY by G. Ruxton and S. Leith-Ross Chichester: J.W Moore, 39 East Street
    1st Ed Preface Zuneru, 1908 Ibi, 1910
    2nd Ed Preface 1915
    “The needs of Northern Nigeria were those we had at heart when compiling this book, but it is hoped that it will apply equally well to other Colonies in West and East Africa. The main object in view was to enable the white man to obtain that well cooked and varied food so essential to health….”
    NYASALAND Cookery Book and Household Guide compiled by the Nyasaland Council of Women, Limbe nd but before 1964

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