Men experience the world in different ways, and many of those ways are not always familiar to women.

Cowboy 1

The archetypal American male, the cowboy hat a symbol of the Wild West and all the universal stereotypes of America.

Library 2

The military – once a rite of passage for almost all American men – another stereotype.

Kroger 1

And still another, hunting, fishing, and cars.

Bald guy 1 ribbon cutting

When the years roll by and time sweeps through, like women brought up on a steady diet of “beauty is everything,” men also face enormous changes.

Elderly man grocery store

From the self-assured cowboy to struggling with a grocery cart.

[These photos are but a few taken for a recent project concerned with people in the social environment.]

© 2013 C. Bertelsen

I am a cook who loves to write. And I am a writer who loves to cook. However. my biggest passion is photography.

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