Burnt Toast, or, What Most Food Blogs Never Mention

After waking up to yet another gray, frigid day, I read – not without little frissons of envy, to be honest – the latest crop of great food bloggers selected by The Huffington Post, which run the gamut from folksy to romantic.

The photos certainly could festoon the walls of great museums, vying for space next to some of the classic still lifes, which of course still inspire many food photographers.

Why is it that I rarely see bad, burnt, ruined food in photographs on food blogs? I mean, come on, how many times do I whip up something I’ve never cooked before and end up throwing it in the garbage in shame? Perfection seems to be the rule in these lovely blogs, the same tendency I see in major fashion catalogs with all the Photoshop-perfect models, none suffering with cellulite or pimples.

Well, yesterday, while attempting to photograph a piece of toast bouncing out of my toaster, I managed to capture the essence of culinary failure instead. Thankfully no British friends stood around, waiting for tea and toast.

Yes, dear readers, a piece of burnt toast, with perfect bokeh.

#4 fast shutter speed toaster
Photo credit: C. Bertelsen

P.S.: This is my 900th post!

© 2013 C. Bertelsen


  1. Hi Cynthia. This did make me laugh. I look at other food blogs and am filled with envy at some glorious photography, delicious looking food and what appears like effortless styling. My world isn’t like that at all, but I discovered early on that the occasional post about cooking disasters (particularly if I could make them funny) seemed to get a lot of positive comments! My Jackson Pollock moment (when an entire tray of tapas fell to the floor, exploding on impact) or my runaway icing (it moved house) or burnt cookies (now crumbs for anything from vegetables to ice cream). I think being perfect is overrated!


    1. Yes, Marmaduke Scarlet! Loved your “Jackson Pollack” moment. Thanks for sharing that.


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