* New Bibliography Available, on Southern Food & Cooking & Stuff


Traditional Southern Plate Lunch – three vegs and a starch, plus meat (Photo credit: C. Bertelsen)

Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that I love books passionately, especially cookbooks and any books about food.

Because of my current emphasis on foods and cooking and foodways of the American South – tied as all that is to social change and the influx of new population groups – I have created a small (to me) bibliography of books about the South and its ever-changing food.

You will find the bibliography by clicking HERE, or by clicking on A PINT-SIZED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE SUBJECT OF SOUTHERN FOOD & COOKING or on the sidebar to the left.

And one more thing: a bibliography, true to the nature of the beast, is never complete. So if you think I should add something (or subtract something, too), just drop me a line in the Comments section.

© 2013 C. Bertelsen

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20 thoughts on “* New Bibliography Available, on Southern Food & Cooking & Stuff

  1. Sorry about your accident. I am of a (sensible) age to take these things seriously. The little things cause long term problems at my age (60).
    Not like when I fell off my morotcycle every month at age 20. (I couldn’t afford good tyres (tires) and beer , so guess what? Nowadays it takes a fortune in physiotherapy to fix the bruises.
    Sorry for your pain, physical and financial. But please get better soon. You are a living National Treasure..

    1. Tony, you are so sweet to say that. I’m finally able to sit up for spells of time. Hopefully, each day from now on will see improvement if I don’t overdo it, which I am wont to do.

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