Cooking Fish — Let Us Count the World’s Ways: Asia 2

Continuing our Lenten foray through fish cookery in Asia …

Singapore, Asam Fish (in tamarind sauce)
Pepes Ikan Bumbu Merah/Steamed Whole Fish with Red Sauce
Laos, fermented fish sauce
Korea, sea creatures
Korea, Fish Head Hot Pot
Korea, Grilled Fish
Korea, Raw Flounder Sashimi Style
Philippines, Cooking Fish
Philippines, Fish with Vegetables


  1. jdialinos says:

    Do you have any idea if Laos fish sauce contains only fish and salt or spices and carbohydrates (cracked rice?)are added too?


    1. Fish sauce generally contains just the juices of salted fish, drained off. You might be thinking of fish paste, which does contain rice bran (think padek).


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