If Salvador Dalí Dreamed Ferran Adrià

Bo BechIn honor of Gourmet magazine of dear and cherished memory (and my Danish father-in-law, who would have scoffed loudly and asked for more roast beef, mange tak), I present this link to a video of a multi-course meal (“The Alchemist”) in a futuristic restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark, Bo Bech at Restaurant Paustian. Gorgeous music, accompanied by arty and perplexing and imaginative food.

A dreamy place that surrealist Salvador Dalí, as Don Quijote, might have envisioned, with chef Ferran Adrià as his Sancho Panza sidekick.

Poetical, too. I’m sure it’s better in Danish but here’s how to get there:

Some way out of town,
almost at the back of beyond,
or at least beyond something,
out there where the ships land at the wharf,
well, that’s where we are.


  1. a hertzler says:

    Loved your pictures and your story. ann


    1. Hi Ann,

      Good to hear from you. How’s that Gullah cookbook going?


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